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Palladium-Catalyzed Coupling Reactions

This handbook and ready reference brings together all significant issues of practical importance in selected topics discussing recent significant achievements for interested readers in one single volume. While covering homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, the text is unique in focusing on such important aspects as using different reaction media, microwave techniques or catalyst recycling. It also provides a comprehensive treatment of key issues of modern-day coupling reactions having emerged and matured in recent years and emphasizes those topics that show potential for future development, such as continuous flow systems, water as a reaction medium, and catalyst immobilization, among others. With its inclusion of large-scale applications in the pharmaceutical industry, this will equally be of great interest to industrial chemists. From the contents * Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions - A General Introduction * High-turnover Heterogeneous Palladium Catalysts in Coupling Reactions: the Case of Pd Loaded on Dealuminated Y Zeolites Palladium-Catalyzed Coupling Reactions with Magnetically Separable Nanocatalysts * The Use of Ordered Porous Solids as Support Materials in Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions * Coupling Reactions Induced by Polymer-Supported Catalysts * Coupling Reactions in Ionic Liquids * Cross-Coupling Reactions in Aqueous Media * Microwave-Assisted Synthesis in C-C and C-Heteroatom Coupling Reactions * Catalyst Recycling in Palladium-Catalyzed Carbon-Carbon Coupling Reactions * Nature of the True Catalytic Species in Carbon-Carbon Coupling Reactions with * Heterogeneous Palladium Precatalysts * Coupling Reactions in Continuous Flow Systems * Large-Scale Applications of Palladium-Catalyzed Couplings in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Palladium-Catalyzed Cross Coupling - Chemistry … The Negishi cross-coupling reaction. The catalytic cycle believed to operate for this reaction involves the crucial oxidative addition of the vinyl halide to the metal. The alkylzinc probably delivers the alkyl nucleophile to the metal via more conventional nucleophilic substitution.

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Palladium-Catalyzed Coupling Reactions.pdf


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Sofia Voigt

Hiyama Coupling. The Hiyama Coupling is the palladium-catalyzed C-C bond formation between aryl, alkenyl, or alkyl halides or pseudohalides and organosilanes. This reaction is comparable to the Suzuki Coupling and also requires an activating agent such as fluoride ion or a base.

Matteo Müller

Palladium-Catalyzed Cross Coupling | Protocol Palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions are a valuable tool for creating new carbon-carbon bonds. Their development has enabled chemists to construct complex organic compounds from hydrocarbon fragments, and their use in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries has become wide-spread.

Noel Schulze

By knowing the utility of palladium-catalyzed coupling reactions in pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and fine chemical industries, we have showcased the application of the methodology in synthesizing 4′-methyl-1,1′-biphenyl-2-carbonitrile 6x, which is an intermediate for synthesizing angiostein II antagonists , using the developed method . A cross-coupling reaction in organic chemistry is a reaction where two fragments are joined ... One method for palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions of aryl halides with fluorinated arenes was reported by Keith Fagnou and co-workers.

Jason Lehmann

Palladium-catalyzed Sonogashira coupling … Herein we report a study on the palladium-catalyzed copper- and added base-free Sonogashira coupling reactions to synthesize various acetylenes in γ …

Jessica Kohmann

Palladium-Catalyzed Cross Coupling | Protocol