Experimental Fusion.pdf

Experimental Fusion

A. J. Nelson

In the year of 2067, it is every country for itself. One against all
others. Theories are scribbled down and ideas abandoned as the
war moves on and leaves weapon after weapon behind.
In yet another hopeless laboratory, lights bleep and flash, and a
blur of noises fill the air almost deafeningly. A successful
experiment, or so it seems, brings the scientists running. Shocked
murmurs fill the air as they look upon the test subject. A little
boy, with fuzzy wings and feathered tufts over his small body.
How can this be!?
The boy, curled up in a glass orb like a bird within an egg, was
the first successful test subject. Many had been tried, but all
others had failed and the test subjects had died.
The aim of the experiments? To create a weapon like no other. To
fuse the human body with that of an animals to create a mutant
individual with abilities that no human would be able to muster.
This is the weapon of England.
With the threat of the modern world looming in, and with the
humans dependence on them growing every day, the mutants
road will be long and marked by scars of betrayal and sadness.
Now though with childish innocence, the weapons are trained for
the coming war. Trained to fight, and trained to complete
specialized missions such as spying or technology.
Fires loom in, and the threat of war machines rears in the
distance. The journey of the mutants will be wrought with
dangers aplenty. But are they really ready for what they were
created for?

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Experimental Fusion.pdf


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